Hvordan bruger jeg min SodaStream Spirit™ brusende vand maker?

Want to learn more about how to get started using your SodaStream Spirit™ sparkling water maker?

Follow the steps below to get started using your SodaStream Spirit™ sparkling water maker:

  1. Begin by filling the bottle with cold water to the fill line. Do not add anything to the bottle other than water before the carbonation.
  2. Pull the bottle holder towards you until you hear a click. Do not pull on the carbonation tube.
  3. Insert the bottle into the Snap-Lock by pushing it up and back. The Snap-Lock will hold the bottle in a vertical position - suspended above the bottom.
  4. To add carbonation, press the carbonation button with short presses of 1 second – 3 presses for a standard carbonation and 5 presses for a high carbonation.
    • Notes on fizz: You may occasionally see ice during the carbonation, especially when using very cold water. However, the ice will soon melt.
  5. Once you have reached the correct amount of bubbles, gently pull the bottle towards you until it reaches its full forward position and remove it. Do not remove the bottle until you hear the sound of excess carbonation being released, and never force it out of the Snap-Lock mechanism.
  6. Add flavor! Enjoy your sparkling water, or add your favorite SodaStream sparkling water flavor to enjoy a fizzy drink with lots of flavor.

Click here   to view the user guide for the SodaStream Spirit™ sparkling water maker.

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